When using this website, a Semestry service that is provided to Erasmus University Rotterdam, your personal data will be shared with Semestry and subprocessors. Semestry has drawn up this privacy policy to indicate that that Semestry takes the privacy of all users of our services very seriously. For this reason, the personal data shared with Semestry is carefully processed and secured. This is in accordance with privacy legislation requirements. Below you can read how Semestry handles your data shared by Erasmus University Rotterdam with Semestry.

Purposes of data processing

Semestry processes your personal data for the following purposes:

Semestry will not process your personal data for other than the above-mentioned purposes, unless Semestry is obliged to do so on the basis of a statutory provision.

Categories of personal data

Semestry uses the following data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy:

Handling of data

Semestry will not retain your data for a longer period than is necessary to provide the services mentioned in this privacy policy. All data shared with Semestry will be treated confidentially. This data may be shared by Semestry with the following party(s) that provide the IT infrastructure in order to provide the services:

Applicability of the privacy policy

This privacy policy only applies to the services of Erasmus University Rotterdam provided to Erasmus University Rotterdam by Semestry. This privacy statement is therefore not applicable to other services and/or activities of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Semestry or any third parties.

Full privacy policy

View the full privacy policy of Erasmus University Rotterdam for more information about your rights regarding personal data.